Dr. Tahl N. Humes owns and serves as medical director to Vitahl Medical Aesthetics in Denver, Colorado. She graduated with a BS from Indiana University, completed Medical School at Touro University in California, and Residency at Saint Joseph Hospital in Denver. She is a National Laser Trainer and National Spokesperson for Cutera® Lasers. Dr. Humes also trains physicians, RNs, and PAs from across the nation in advanced injection techniques of BOTOX® and advanced dermal fillers, including Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse, and Sculptra. Dr. Humes has performed thousands of aesthetic treatments with lasers and injectables. She was invited by Allergan to participate in the Juvederm Experience Trials prior to the product’s release to the general public. In addition, Dr. Humes is known for her expertise in laser medicine. Dr. Humes and Vitahl are known for their cutting edge laser treatments, such as Pearl and Titan. She has been interviewed for her cosmetic medical expertise by news affiliates ABC, CBS, and NBC, and has served on expert panels for Cutera® Lasers at national presentations.


It is said that the eyes are the window to the soul. In fact, the eyes are so much more. They can entice someone, they can give away our true feelings, they are a focal point of the face, and they are an area that we often see age much too soon. Some of us have always had heavy eyes, where our upper lids seem to hide any eyeshadow we might apply, even from a very young age. Some of us have puffy eyes that are genetic or that have worsened with age. And some of us have wrinkly eyes from smiling, aging or squinting in the sun.

VITAHL has been treating eyes since the day we opened. We offer BOTOX, not only as a treatment for our existing wrinkles, but also to prevent new wrinkles. We offer lasers to help stimulate collagen and tighten the skin. And, we offer Latisse to grow your lashes longer, thicker and darker. We see great results from these treatments, but we want to be able to do more. With the addition of board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Jason Martin, to the VITAHL family, we now offer a cutting-edge treatment, FusionBleph™.

FusionBleph™ treats wrinkles, heavy eye lids, and puffiness in one, office-based treatment. FusionBleph™ is a treatment pioneered by Dr. Martin in which traditional upper and lower eye lifts are combined with laser resurfacing of the skin around the eye. This treatment is done in the office and with about a week of downtime, you can take years off your face. To find out if you are a candidate for FusionBleph, schedule your consultation with Dr. Martin by calling 303.388.7380.


Gift giving during the holidays is always stressful as you try to find presents for family and friends that are both thoughtful and useful. Instead of giving traditional gifts such as clothes, goodies or electronics, why not give the gift of youth, something everyone could use? Think outside the proverbial box this year and give family, friends or yourself a stress-free start to 2011 by choosing any of the numerous treatments available at VITAHL. You can look younger and more refreshed with one or more of the many fabulous options that are reasonably priced and require little or no down time - perfect for a chaotic holiday schedule. From body contouring to anti-aging to skin improvement, VITAHL has so many gifts to choose from.

VASERshape, a non-surgical alternative treatment to liposuction, helps you lose inches and appear tight and toned in that sexy form-fitting party dress. For a more youthful and healthy appearance, even after several late nights of partying with friends, Titan or Laser Genesis are treatments to consider. Titan tightens skin almost anywhere on your face and body and helps stimulate new collagen growth, and Laser Genesis is a favorite among the Hollywood A-listers in preparation for a big event.

If you know someone worried about wrinkles, sun damage or overall skin texture, we recommend BOTOX or Pearl Laser Skin Resurfacing. Advanced BOTOX injections soften deep frown lines, give a subtle brow lift, create a pouty lip and more, while Pearl treats the top layer of the skin with a laser to improve sun damage, texture and wrinkles, while the deeper layers of the skin are heated to stimulate collagen growth. For an overall smooth-skin look and feel, give the gift of Microderm and ultrasound suffusion for an incredible exfoliation experience. All of these treatments take years off your face and will help anyone look fresh and rested for the upcoming holiday season and the year to come.

Best of all, some of the mentioned treatments do not require any downtime, so you’re ready for the social calendar at a moment’s notice. Consider VITAHL your one-stop shop for beauty and revitalization. You can gift one treatment or you can package a few together for the ultimate makeover for someone special in your life – a family member, close friend, or even yourself! We have gift certificates available or call to schedule a day of youth for a loved one at 303.388.7380.


If you are interested in getting Dermal Fillers the best thing you can do is research and ask questions. I recently did an interview discussing the topic for American Health and Beauty. Click the link below to watch the interview.

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