Dr. Tahl N. Humes owns and serves as medical director to Vitahl Medical Aesthetics in Denver, Colorado. She graduated with a BS from Indiana University, completed Medical School at Touro University in California, and Residency at Saint Joseph Hospital in Denver. She is a National Laser Trainer and National Spokesperson for Cutera® Lasers. Dr. Humes also trains physicians, RNs, and PAs from across the nation in advanced injection techniques of BOTOX® and advanced dermal fillers, including Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse, and Sculptra. Dr. Humes has performed thousands of aesthetic treatments with lasers and injectables. She was invited by Allergan to participate in the Juvederm Experience Trials prior to the product’s release to the general public. In addition, Dr. Humes is known for her expertise in laser medicine. Dr. Humes and Vitahl are known for their cutting edge laser treatments, such as Pearl and Titan. She has been interviewed for her cosmetic medical expertise by news affiliates ABC, CBS, and NBC, and has served on expert panels for Cutera® Lasers at national presentations.

December 13th VITAHL & DOCARE Fundraiser

As many of you know, once a year I participate in the DOCARE medical trip to a small town in Guatemala, called San Andreas Iztapa. It’s a great feeling to help people in need, and with DOCARE, physicians and medical professionals come together for a week to provide much needed medical attention to some of the world’s poorest people in remote locations. We set up our clinic and local villagers walk for hours to talk with our doctors about their ailments. For some of the patients who are too ill to walk to our clinic, we make home visits. We provide free medical services and free medications. The people from these remote areas do not have the access to medical care that we are accustomed to having, and many of the 500 patients we treat each day have never seen a doctor.

This year, DOCARE celebrates 50 years of service to the medically underserved, and finally in 2011, DOCARE has been able to set up their first year-round continuity clinic. Opening this clinic will have a profound impact on the health and lives of the people of San Andreas Iztapa. With the help of DOCARE, the clinic is being updated to meet US standards and will be open year-round. VITAHL is proud to be a Founding Member of the DOCARE International Continuity Clinic.

We at VITAHL embrace the beauty of giving. Sometimes we all need to be reminded that true beauty isn’t just about our appearance but it’s also about what’s inside. While it’s our goal to help you be beautiful on the outside, we encourage the cultivation of your inner beauty too. Join us on December 13th for DoGood DOCARE, The Beauty of Giving. Your donations will go to help the medically underserved receive much needed care.

To learn more about DOCARE click here.

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First there was Botox, then Dysport, now XEOMIN, and VITAHL is proud to announce that we have been hand selected by Mertz Aesthetics to be an investigational site for the early release of Xeomin.

As the newest FDA approved Botox alternative, Xeomin will be launched in the US in 2012 for cosmetic use. We are ecstatic that we will be receiving Xeomin in November 2011, three months before its release to other medical offices. Xeomin (incobotulinumtoxinA) is indicated for the temporary improvement in the appearance of moderate to severe glabellar lines, or what we like to call your 11's. It has been used since 2005 in Europe, and results are shown to be comparable to those seen with Botox. While Dysprt is also an alternative to BOTOX, Xeomin's profile is more closely related, making it more of a "Coke-Pepsi" equivalent in the fight against wrinkles.

Our patients will be among the first in the country to compare Xeomin for themselves. We wonder, what will you prefer for eliminating unwanted wrinkles? We are excited to find out!


If you have Melasma, also known as the "pregnancy mask," you understand the difficulty of managing and eliminating this chronic skin condition. Melsama appears as dark, irregular skin discolorations, usually on the upper cheek, nose, lip, upper lip or forehead. You don't have to be pregnant to get Melasma, but hormones do play a role. Once you have Melasma, it not only flares from the sun, but also from heat. It can be a reoccurring condition for years to come.

At VITAHL, we tackle Melasma with several combined treatments, including topical creams and peels. For some patients, we also use lasers to treat Melasma. Unfortunately, there are no treatments that can cure Melasma, so our goal is to control it as best we can. For some, being on a home care regime with iS Clinical White Lightening or a prescription combination of Hydroquinone and Retin-A will suffice, but for many patients, we need to get more aggressive. At this point, we recommend the Melanage peel, Jessner peels or lasers. Of these, our treatment of choice is Melange, because it can be used on all skin types. Melanage is a revolutionary, non-invasive treatment that has been proven to improve Melasma and sun damage while improving skin texture. The treatment begins in the office, and is supplemented by comprehensive home care products that amplify and extend the peel benefits. We are currently in the process of evaluating new treatments for Melasma. As we continue to see results, we will pass on the information.

If you have or think you may have Melasma, the first step is to call for a complimentary consultation. With perseverance and patience, your Melasma can be improved. Just remember that the most critical step in managing your Melasma is to strictly avoid sunlight and heat, because sun and heat only make this skin condition worsen. If you're going outside, wear your hat and put on your sunscreen!

VASER Shape a Hollywood Favorite for getting Red Carpet Ready!

Body Contouring is all the rage in Aesthetics. At VITAHL we proudly offer VASER Shape a non invasive alternative to liposuction. Treat unwanted fat and cellulite with this non surgical fat blaster! Call VITAHL to schedule a consult to see if VASER Shape is right for you 303.388.7380

Industry Buzz

With the expansion of aesthetic technology and associated aesthetic procedures, there has been a parallel growth in office-based procedures being completed by non-surgically trained physicians. In many cases, this may be acceptable per their board certification, but in some cases, the envelope is being over zealously pushed, which has had an extremely negative effect on patient safety and surgery outcomes. Whether the motivation of the involved physician is financial, personal or professional, ethical consideration must be applied to physicians who are conducting procedures when they have had no formal residency or fellowship training. Clearly organizations exist that will train physicians to perform a specific procedure. These are almost always weekend courses that are not recognized by the physician’s professional board or their malpractice insurance carrier. More concerning is the fact that there is no selection process that allows only the most well trained and competent physicians to perform these procedures. This is in glaring contrast to the training of plastic surgeons, who are board certified with respect to cosmetic procedures.

Consider Dr. Jason Martin, a board certified plastic surgeon who has now joined the VITAHL family. His training consisted of 7 years of post medical school surgical training at some of the most prestigious medical facilities in the United States. Specifically, he completed a general surgery residency and plastic surgery fellowship training at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, Illinois. He then was selected for post fellowship training in cosmetic surgery at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital in New York City. He furthermore is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This is an arduous process that involves multiple tests and evaluations over a 3 year period after training, and also has a greater than 50% failure rate for first time applicants. When considering the disparity in training, it is hard to imagine why a patient would willingly choose a non-surgically trained physician for a cosmetic procedure. Even the desire to save a few dollars does not outweigh the risk. Come in to meet Dr. Martin and see how his expertise can help you meet your surgical goals.


Previously, I shared a story about a 35 year-old Florida woman who had a negative outcome from surgery after she chose a good deal on liposuction without checking on the expertise of the provider. Had she done more research, she would have found that the surgeon had been disciplined by the state on multiple occasions. The other day I read about another woman who chose price over expertise, and again had a negative outcome. This fatal breast implant surgery was performed by a certified family physician. While this doctor was board certified, he was not a plastic surgeon, but he was performing cosmetic surgery. This story not only saddened me, but also reinforced the need for good medicine when it comes to cosmetic treatments.

As the aesthetic industry has grown, the view of cosmetic treatments as medical treatments seems to have become lax. There are physicians who are not trained in surgery performing surgery. There is BOTOX being injected in hair salons while customers are sitting in chairs waiting for their hair dye to process. There are lasers being purchased and run without the oversight of a physician. These are medical treatments with real benefits; but there are always potential complications, and the procedures needed to be taken seriously. The State Medical Board does not limit the practice of cosmetic surgery to plastic surgeons. In reality, any doctor with a medical license can perform surgery. It is then the responsibility of the physicians to work within the scope of their training. At VITAHL, we take training and board certification seriously. I am board certified in Internal Medicine. I am trained to treat medical conditions that affect any organ of the body, including the skin, our largest organ. I am not trained in surgery, but if I wanted to, I could purchase a liposuction machine, take a weekend course, and perform surgery. I feel this would be irresponsible on my part, so when we decided to add liposuction and surgery to the treatments available at VITAHL, I partnered with a board certified plastic surgeon. I feel that it is my responsibility to offer the best medical care to my patients, and personally, I feel this is achieved when cosmetic surgery is performed by a plastic surgeon.

So what can you do as a patient to make sure your physician is practicing responsible medicine? I recommend doing your research. The lowest price is probably low for a reason. Find out why someone is willing to perform surgery at prices well below the industry norm. Know who is performing your surgery, know how they have been trained, and ask about their clinical outcomes. In our industry update below, you can find out more about this topic as well as more about Dr. Jason Martin, our board-certified plastic surgeon.

Dr. Humes


We are only 1 month away from our 6-year anniversary. Thanks to all of you, we are busier than ever, growing like crazy, and loving every time we get to see each one of you. I wanted to update you on all of the growth you have made possible.

Staff - Over the past year we have welcomed three new staff members to the VITAHL family: Jessica, Hannah, and Kristi come to us with years of knowledge and expertise. Look for bios and introductions to the new and seasoned staff in upcoming newsletters.

Treatments - On a daily basis, the staff at VITAHL is researching the latest and greatest in aesthetic treatments. Over this past year, not only have we partnered with Board-Certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Jason Martin, but we have also added VASER Shape, our non-surgical body contouring device. Both have been great additions to VITAHL. This past month we added tattoo removal to our treatment menu. There is a stigma that tattoo removal is not for professionals, but most of us have a friend or coworker who has one of those "spring break" tattoos they regret, and now we can help them. We are excited to have the newest and most powerful tattoo laser on the market. What is even more exciting is that our new laser does more than just tattoo removal, it also treats sun damage, stretch marks and melasma. In future newsletters we will be bringing you details on all of these treatments.

Partners - VITAHL routinely partners with other businesses to introduce our patients to other services offered in Denver. Every few months we will be highlighting these partners in our newsletter. Check out our favorite Acupuncturists in the article below.

Thank you again for all you do for us. We would not be growing if it were not for our amazing and loyal patients. For those of you who have voted for us on Denver's A List, we greatly appreciate it! For those of you who haven't, it is not too late. There is still time to vote us the number 1 'Medical Spa' in Denver. Click Here

Dr. Humes
Does this sound familiar? "Is it my eyes that make look so tired and worn out"? This is a common question we hear everyday. Droopy upper eyelids and baggy lower eyelids are a big problem for many men and women. These problems can really contribute to an aged appearance. Although many office-based nonsurgical treatments exist that improve the appearance of the eyelids, plastic surgery is the definitive answer. A blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) removes the excess skin and fat around the eye, resulting in a rejuvenated and natural appearance. These procedures are completed in the office and have minimal downtime (5 to 7 days).

Often, worsening droopiness of the upper eyelid is also related to heaviness of the eyebrows. Eyebrow drooping is very common and is difficult to prevent. In extreme cases, the eyebrow droops to the level of the eyelids, and subsequently can obstruct the vision in the upward gaze. If you want to re-define your brow shape and open up the look of your eyes, a brow lift is often the best option. Most brow lifts are completed endoscopically, utilizing small incisions in the hairline to reposition the eyebrow. This procedure is completed in an operative facility and the down time is one week to 10 days. This procedure can also be combined with a blepharoplasty of the upper and/or lower eyelids.

Ultimately, cosmetic eyelid surgery is about reversing the structural changes that occur around the eyes with aging. The muscles are repositioned, excess fat is removed or transposed and the skin is reduced and reinforced. The first step to a permanent solution to your droopy upper eyelids or bulging lower eyelids is to make an appointment for a consultation. Come in and we'll talk about what's best to achieve the outcome you desire.


The eyes are a focal point of the face. Unfortunately, they are also one of the areas to succumb to aging. Many small lines around the eyes (the so-called "crow's feet"), can be reduced with regular Botox injections. Other "eye wants" such as getting rid of droopy brows or under-eye bags will need a combination of treatments for the best results.

Tweezing and waxing can only do so much. If your brows need a little lift, we recommend Botox injections. Botox weakens the muscles in the forehead that pull on the brow line, lifting and elevating it back to a more desirable position. If your brows are descending over the upper eyelids, you may be a candidate for a brow lift. Refer to the Industry Buzz article below for surgical options from Dr. Martin.

Maybe your concern is tired and baggy under-eyes? At VITAHL, we can treat under-eye bags with Radiesse and Juvederm, as well as with micro-fat-grafting, to banish the appearance of the bags. Fillers and fat injected into the hollows will replace the volume loss that happens with age. We're experienced at injecting into this orbital area, so you can be confident that you'll get the desired outcome. To permanently get rid of bags, you may need blepharoplasty, which is explained below by Dr. Martin, our on-staff plastic surgeon.

For day-to-day maintenance of the delicate eye area, we have several topical treatment options at VITAHL, including YOUTH Eye Complex, which smooths, hydrates, and reduces puffiness and dark circles. Ask your clinician at VITAHL to recommend what product is best for your skin.

Keep your eyes looking as young as the rest of you with easy, in-house treatments at VITAHL.

Dr. Humes

Improving Body Contour or Achieving Body Enhancement

We all have problem areas of the body that we would like to improve. Fortunately, many options exist for improving body contour or achieving body enhancement. The trick is finding the right procedure or procedures for your needs.

Much can be done surgically to enhance the appearance of your breasts. By adding volume with breast implants, a permanent improvement in breast shape and proportion is easily obtained. Achieving a natural result that is appealing with or without clothing is critical, and should be the focus of the surgeon and the patient. When considering implants, we focus on four key areas: the type, shape, feel and placement of the implant. One solution does not fit all! Saline and silicone implants are the two most common options, and there are pros and cons to each. Silicone provides a more natural feel, but saline implants require less monitoring. More recently, we have also begun to improve breast shape with fat transfer procedures, shaping the breasts with fat from the patient’s love handles or abdomen.

Tummy tucks are transformative, easily changing your abdomen from ordinary to extraordinary in one procedure. Just as with breast augmentation, no one solution is right for everyone. You may want a traditional tummy tuck, where the area above the belly button and down to the bikini line is corrected. This results in the tightest and firmest look. Or, if you prefer, we can improve the area just below the belly button with a mini-tuck. If you also want to get rid of love handles or lower back fat, we often combine a tummy tuck with one of the new generation liposuction procedures (Vaser or SmartLipo). Ultimately, these procedures drastically improve the appearance of the trunk (waist, abdomen and pubic area), and in some cases even tighten the muscle layer of the abdomen.

With only a few hours in the office or operating room and with manageable downtime, we are able to transform those problem areas of your body. Call today for an appointment with Dr. Martin to discuss your body contouring and enhancement options.


After a long winter and a chilly spring, it's finally heating up outside, and that means fewer clothes and more pool time. Getting our bodies ready for summer is at the top of almost everyone's to-do list. At VITAHL, we have some great body solutions, both surgical and non-surgical, that can help you get in shape for summer fun. You can tackle that unwanted fat with one or a combination of treatments:

VASER Lipo and SmartLipo remove fat from the inside, without the harsher techniques required by traditional liposuction. These procedures are performed under local anesthesia in our office, and most patients are back to their normal routines after a few days.

Not ready for surgery, but still want to get bikini ready? VASER Shape uses ultrasound technology to contour your body from the outside, breaking down fat tissue. This fat is then absorbed by your body and excreted naturally.

Tired of cellulite? Try SmoothShapes, a treatment that rejuvenates collagen and improves the appearance of dimpled skin. This is a painless procedure that uses contoured rollers and vacuum massage.

Want it all? You can combine SmartLipo, VASER Lipo, VASER Shape and SmoothShapes in a multitude of ways to get the best outcome for your body- shaping desires. Or, if you're looking for a more dramatic change, such as a breast augmentation or tummy tuck, schedule a consultation with our on-staff, board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Jason Martin. Please call our office today at 303.388.7380 for a consultation to help you decide which body treatment is right for you.


Dr. Humes

Incredible Injectables: What You Need to Know

When it comes to eliminating wrinkles, lines and deep folds, injectables can offer great results. We understand that the choices can be confusing and that is why our skilled injectors at VITAHL will walk you through the right product for your skin type and facial structure in order to implement the improvement you want. We want you to be pleased with the results and to feel like together we’ve achieved your best possible YOU!

When starting, or continuing a regiment of injectables, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Set a schedule and stick to it. The best results are based on sticking to a schedule. Be consistent with injectables and wait until the results are wearing off before injecting again. That’s the best way to achieve natural looking results.

Be conservative when starting an injectable program. You’ve probably seen the Sculptra television commercial talking about how you didn’t age overnight, and you shouldn’t anti-age overnight. We agree that the best approach is to start conservatively and build on the results over time.

Temporary fillers are best. We don’t offer permanent fillers because we believe temporary fillers look more natural. That doesn’t mean you won’t get long lasting results with temporary fillers, you will! But permanent fillers can create permanent problems.

Injectables are a great solution for fighting the signs of aging, but sometimes a comprehensive approaching including a facelift is the best solution. Dr. Martin, our board certified plastic surgeon, can discuss surgical options for you. Both injectables and surgical options can be explored and discussed during your private consultation at VITAHL.


Dr. Humes


Spring is in the air, and Mother's Day (May 8th) is almost here. Mother's Day is the day to celebrate the wonderful women who raised us, and yourselves if you have kids. It is a day to relax and enjoy the women in our lives. It is also a day to be pampered. This year for mother's day, give your moms, your wives or yourselves the gift of beauty. Whether it is a Botox to hide the wrinkles or Laser Genesis to give your skin a glow, there are many treatments out there that will change your skin and keep everyone guessing your age. If you are not sure what treatments are best for you this Mother's day, come in for a complimentary consultation and we will customize a skin care regime just for you.

Happy Mother's Day.

VASERshape with Dr Tahl Humes

VASERshape Video from American Health and Beauty with Dr Tahl Humes


At VITAHL, we know that beauty not only comes from treating the skin, but also from how you treat your body. Dr. Humes and VITAHL have partnered with Dr. Chad Prusmack, neurosurgeon to the Denver Broncos, biophysicist, and founder of NutriLife Rx, to help you keep your skin beautiful from the inside and out.

Dr. Prusmack is now featuring the Radiant Beauty supplement package at VITAHL. The Radiant Beauty lifestyle package is ideal for the woman or man who wants to look and feel their best. With anti aging properties, as well as components to improve your skin, hair and collagen reproduction, you will feel more youthful, rested and vibrant.

You can order all supplements online. Dr. Prusmack is offering all VITAHL patients a 5% discount on purchased products. Use sales discount code "VITAHL" upon placing your order on the Nutrilife Rx Web site. To purchase or learn more about The Radiant Beauty products go to www.nutriliferx.com/radia.html.

Combination Therapy with Dr Tahl Humes

Click Here for Combination Therapy Video from American Health and Beauty with Dr Humes.


Some of us view Valentine’s Day as the official day of “love.” Flowers, candy and a decadent dinner are traditional ways of recognizing Cupid. Some of us see February 14th as just another day. Whichever camp you are in, you can still give yourself a little love with several different treatments at VITAHL.
Want kissable lips? VITAHL can ensure that with the popular dermal filler, JUVEDERM™. Dermal fillers restore volume and fullness to correct facial wrinkles and folds and enhance cheekbones. At VITAHL, we specialize in advanced dermal filler injection techniques and we’re ranked among the top five percent of Juvéderm™ injectors in the country.

You can achieve the glow of “new love” with a LASER FACIAL (Laser Genesis). This laser will not only change your skin, but will leave it glowing and refreshed. It’s a comfortable, non-invasive, no-downtime treatment that improves redness, Rosacea, fine lines, wrinkles, pore size, uneven texture, and scarring. Not only will this laser treatment change your skin, you will see your skin glow after each treatment. We recommend starting with 5 treatments, every 2 to 4 weeks. This procedure is a favorite among the Hollywood A-list in preparation for a big event, and is a great procedure for anyone who wants to have glowing, overall healthier, younger looking skin.

If you want to keep that twinkle in your eyes, try LATISSE. It’s the first and only science-based prescription treatment that is used to grow eyelashes, making them longer, thicker and darker. LATISSE is a clinically proven, once-daily prescription treatment applied to the base of the upper eyelashes.

You don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day for a day of love and pampering. Call us today at 303.388.7380 or email me at drhumes@vitahl.com to indulge yourself with a treatment at VITAHL.


Happy New Year! Time has flown by and after months of getting ready for parties and taking care of others, now it is YOUR time to relax, reset, and focus on you. As we move into the new year, we know that even as the economy is improving, it is still important to try to save money and find good deals. With this in mind, in 2011, VITAHL is going to work to help you save on medical aesthetic treatments every day with our SkinFit™ Membership program. Our goal is for you to have a way to save without having to compromise the quality of your medical care. These cosmetic treatments are also MEDICAL treatments, and should be taken seriously.

I recently saw a story about a 35-year-old woman in Florida who chose a good deal on liposuction without checking on the provider's expertise. Unfortunately, she experienced very negative results from the procedure. Had she done more research on the physician, she would have found that the surgeon had been disciplined by the state on more than one occasion. When I saw this, it not only saddened me, but it reinforced to me the need for good medicine when it comes to cosmetic treatments. While this is an extreme example, it reminds us why BOTOX, lasers, liposuction and other aesthetic treatments need to be performed with the same level of safety and professionalism as other medical procedures, even if they are “only cosmetic.”

While VITAHL is not the only good medical aesthetics practice in Denver, I can say that every day we strive to be the best we can be. Our mission has always been to provide excellent patient care while adhering to the highest standard of ethics. Our clinicians are some of the most knowledgeable in the industry. We regularly take advanced training courses to learn more about the treatments we offer. While we offer some of the same treatments that we offered when we opened more than 5 years ago, we are not performing these procedures exactly the same way. We have expanded our treatment protocols based on advanced trainings. For example, Laser Genesis and Pearl Laser treatment results at VITAHL are much different than what you will see from the same lasers at a different office. We want you to have a way to save money without sacrificing good medicine. We will still offer monthly specials, but rather than having many different specials to choose from each month, we will have one or two. We will also still have our last-minute Facebook and cancellation e-mail “one-day-only specials.” Additionally, we will be offering our new SkinFit Membership, where patients can get special pricing ANY day, regardless of how many units of BOTOX or number of treatments they purchase.

Call VITAHL today to learn more on our new SkinFit Membership, 303.388.7380

2011 Resolution: Basic Skin Care Tips

As we enter a New Year it reminded me of one of my favorite articles of 2010. The article was simple and to the point about the best ways to care of your skin. Follow the link below for some great tips on basic skin care to follow in 2011.
Click Here