Dr. Tahl N. Humes owns and serves as medical director to Vitahl Medical Aesthetics in Denver, Colorado. She graduated with a BS from Indiana University, completed Medical School at Touro University in California, and Residency at Saint Joseph Hospital in Denver. She is a National Laser Trainer and National Spokesperson for Cutera® Lasers. Dr. Humes also trains physicians, RNs, and PAs from across the nation in advanced injection techniques of BOTOX® and advanced dermal fillers, including Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse, and Sculptra. Dr. Humes has performed thousands of aesthetic treatments with lasers and injectables. She was invited by Allergan to participate in the Juvederm Experience Trials prior to the product’s release to the general public. In addition, Dr. Humes is known for her expertise in laser medicine. Dr. Humes and Vitahl are known for their cutting edge laser treatments, such as Pearl and Titan. She has been interviewed for her cosmetic medical expertise by news affiliates ABC, CBS, and NBC, and has served on expert panels for Cutera® Lasers at national presentations.

Men and Aesthetics at VITAHL

Men have figured out the secret that women have long known-- appearance can make a difference. Men have become increasingly aware that aesthetic treatments may benefit their social life, and are becoming more concerned about their appearance.
While Skincare may not have been top priority for men in the past, whether competing in the world of business or on the dating scene, many men have realized that it's only natural to want to look their best. Dating has changed significantly over the past few years because of the internet. In today's society, online dating is a more intimate process, which is much more visual and heavily dependent upon pictures. It is hard to deny that a self-confident looking man is likely to attract more women. One of the most popular treatments reported among men is Botox. Data shows that 1 out of 5 patients being treated with Botox is a man.  Most men who choose to have Botox injections do so to eliminate strong lines and wrinkles. This reveals a more relaxed appearance. It's only natural to want to look and feel your best, and it's never too late. Call VITAHL today to schedule a complimentary consultation 303.388.7370

Dr Humes Says

Last month, I had the opportunity to reach out to everyone and discuss breast cancer, which affects millions of women. Recently, the mother of a close friend was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. Sadly, she lost her battle with the disease. As i watched her go through this with her family, I realized that many people are not familiar with Ovarian Cancer. I would like to use this time to inform everyone about this devastating cancer that affects so many women.
If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer, you will have dozens of questions racing through your mind. You will want to learn as much as you can about the support and treatments that are available. it's time to increase the public's understanding about the disease, including it's prevalence, prevention, approaches to screening, treatment options, and resources that offer updated Ovarian Cancer information throughout the year. Unfortunately, symptoms of the disease often mirror those of other relatively minor conditions such as digestive disorders. This can lead to delayed detection, which allows the cancer to spread into other tissues and organs. early detection is critical in fighting the disease and prolonging women's lives. The precise cause of Ovarian Cancer is unknown, but several risk and contributing factors (including both reproductive and genetic factors) have been identified. Some factors that may increase your risk of Ovarian Cancer include, but are not limited to, a family history of Ovarian Cancer, difficulty in conceiving, a previous cancer diagnosis or if you have endometriosis.
In honor of Barb Johnson, VITAHL invites you to 'Donate Your Wrinkles for a Cure' on Thursday, November 8th. VITAHL will be offering Botox for $11 per unit and $100 off Juvederm, which 10% of proceeds will be donated. Also, for the entire month of November, we invite you to participate in "Likes for Lives'. For every new 'Like' we receive on our VITAHL Facebook page, we will donate $1 to Ovarian Cancer research, education and awareness.
In loving memory of Barb Johnson

VASER on Dr Oz Show

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VASERshape- Denver Non-Surgical Body Contouring

Have you always wanted to treat unwanted fat and cellulite without down time or surgery? Based in Denver, Colorado, VITAHL is one of only 12 medical offices in the country to offer the newest technology in non-surgical body contouring. This non-surgical Denver body contouring treatment uses dual head ultrasound technology to break the fat cell walls, releasing the adipose tissue or body fat, which is then metabolized by the body. VASERshape does not replace diet and exercise, but it is a less invasive alternative to liposuction. Originally discovered in Europe, VASERshape is now available in the US and has been shown to permanently remove the fat cells treated.